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Shawn: "Collecting donations for the policeman's ball?" Lassie: "We don't have balls." Shawn: "I honestly have no response for that.

Psych! I can't believe it's ending!!! October 1st 2016 will always be remembered❤️

I want this kind of friendship where I can be super weird and my friend rolls with it

Someone understands

I don't know if anyone can read this, so I'll rewrite it just for you lucky people. "I'm going to go get snacks. Who'd like snacks?" "I'd love an apple, thanks." "I said snacks.

Shawn+and+Gus+Quotes | Shawn Spencer - Gus - burton guster - shawnspencerquotes - Psych

I am the best observer you know. last week you thought a sponge in the psych office was an owl. if you'd stop buying them in bird colors, that would stop happening ;

Shawn proposing to Juliet! Ahahah crying so hard at this point! Psych Shules <<< And then the ring gets stolen.

Hahahahaaaaa! <3 burton guster!!

I am not a Robot! haha-- That is like my favorite episode of Psych!

I'm gonna ask you to be respectful here. Shawn: I will politely decline. / psych

I'm gonna ask you to be respectful here. I will politely decline. Shawn, Henry and Gus Psych