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Hamar man Ethiopia (by Eric Lafforgue)

Hamar (Hamer) Tribe ~ Omo Valley, Southern Ethiopia (Photo above is by [Mario Gerth] ~ November Image courtes.

Suri Tribe, Ethiopia..."   the clouds their backs together laid...the north begun to push...the forests galloped till they fell...the  lightning skipped like mice...the thunder crumbled like a stuff...how good to be safe in tombs....where nature's temper cannot reach...nor vengeance ever comes..."

Suri or Shuri, the name of a sedentary pastoral people and its Nilo-Saharan language. They inhabit the Bench Maji Zone of the Southern Nations, Nationalities & People's Region in Ethiopia & parts of neighbouring South Sudan and west of Mizan Teferi.

How Egyptians looked in 1910. Now they look like foreigners.

A Moor from Aswan, Egypt, Few today talk about the remnants of original people of Egypt, who lived there for thousands of years. Interestingly, an Arab woman writer was threatened and harassed for trying to shed light on the original people of Egypt.

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Like Krishna, this woman is blue black — the blackest blue. Her name is Kushite and she’s an Indian Beggar in Mumbai, South India. She is subject to extensive prejudice cause of her dark blue skin! She is Dravidian — The ancient “blue race” of India.

Padaung People (Kayan or Long Neck) are the heritage one of the greatest treasures of the World. The Padaung is an ethnic minority of Myanmar, a tribe of the Kayan people, some Padaung people are migrant to western Thailand, Meahongson.

They're Tough to Reach, But They're Gorgeous: World's Most Remote Destinations

Leader of the Asurini (Red People) Tribe in the Amazon Jungle, Brazil.:

this may be sad, but i am digging this crazy hair, cracked out, leather leg warmers and heels look