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Im sorry big ang but this is funny.i love u though big ang RIP

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Funny pictures about Loading Afro. Oh, and cool pics about Loading Afro. Also, Loading Afro.


Cool tone makeup look Lips: 'SEPIA' liquid lipstick Eyes: ABH couture palette eyeshadow in 'fudge' and MAC 'gesso' Lashes: Mink eyelashes 'Sophia' Brows: ABH Dipbrow pomade in ebony by sincerely_mels

True it could be so irritating

Okay, no, so when I was in school, hair was supposed to be tied back and out of your face. One chick never did that ever and I got pissed one day and snipped it to the dress-code length (above the collar). In summary, I wasn't the nicest kid in school.

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Stop it! Aye but he look like Ole boy off of smart guy!