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bekfast gif - Google Search

bekfast gif - Google Search

I feel like this every time I go to the bathroom #hulk #avengers #toilet #time #lol

(A very large Statue of the Incredible Hulk on the Toilet in the South Korean Mall , for Art. Remember to: Never strain like this, or you will get hemorrhoids the size of Hulk.

When You are Told to Clean Under the Couch and Furniture | 16 Hilarious Cleaning Situations You Can Find Yourself Into

When You are Told to Clean Under the Couch and Furniture

AIN'T NOBODY GOT TIME FO DAT! Someone was asking me the origin of this meme. Watch Sweet Brown's Cold Pop Escape video above from last year. Since then, the meme has explod

Tickld Mobile - Spread Laughter and Cure Boredom

This is one of the best fandom/ nerd battles i've seen! I love the doctor who comment at the bottom

Wow this is cool!  Who says that being deaf means that you cannot make a difference.  Embrace Christ and change the world!!! I would do this. lol

Funny pictures about Deaf Guy Having Some Fun. Oh, and cool pics about Deaf Guy Having Some Fun. Also, Deaf Guy Having Some Fun photos.

elan gale theyearofelan twitter flight - omg this is f'n hilarious

WORTH THE READ. Please excuse the language, but this is awesome. This man deserves an award. And Diane? A swift kick in the rear end.