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Oooh! Burn! Slay! Werk! Yass! Mitch Grassi of Pentatonix!

Ahahah I'm messing up my feed with this but who cares (also there is nothing to be messed up tbh.

When someone insults PTX with Mitch Grassi

They only song in one key, and never right their own songs. Hey you come here so I can slap you.

30 Things You Should Know About Pentatonix 2 years and still slaying it

literally the only difference is Avi and Kirstie aren't in love in 2016

Whats going on Mitch?

Sarah Leisure on

All of my friends are like "why am i friends with this idiot" except for the best fren who obsesses WITH ME!!!!!

same, except normal people for me would actually be all confused cuz they'd have prob never heard of PTX or superfruit and I'd just legit walk out on them

Mitch AKA Daddy?? I mean..

Because thats Mitch "Slay Mother Fucking Queen" Grassi

Me. ^^ Although I'm always happy to elaborate on them.

Me. ^^ Although I'm always happy to elaborate on them.<<< elaborate mean write them a 5 page essay and make their first hour "Pentatonix: Past, Present, and future

I was literally dying when @Kelsey Dish made this with the pic of me and Avi.....  SO TRUE RIGHT?!?

My little sister Jacot Plate met Avi and (due to a long story) he made this face. Which fit this meme too perfectly. SO TRUE RIGHT? (we love you Avi.

LET ME GET THE HEADPHONES! <<< This is my exact reaction every time, I swear.

Headphones are the only way to properly appreciate PTX (it's the best way to hear Avi anyway)

Exactly. Except for me, I usually want to just start crying. Ugh. Why is my life so hard? Well I don't mind because Mitch is worth it.

My face is worse, before I punch them in the face and yell at them for insulting me!