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Cops have Class

This is our riot to the death of our partners we don't blow up things an destroy stuff in the street an attack others we protest peacefully an bring those responsible to justice

Law Enforcement

Aahh - Maybe one of the reasons cops feel entitled to murder and assault people. Blame it on their sky daddy/buy-bull. This is scary & I'm not even close to being a criminal.

#ThinBlueLine #FurryLivesMatter #BlueLivesMatter

Most of the time, people attempting to become police officers focus on the written and oral exam portion of the tests.

During a training exercise, this little guy just wanted to hug a real life hero, and he didn't want to let go...

During a training this sweet boy saw the officers and just wanted to be able to hug a real live hero. Cops are not All racists!

So usually I have jokes, but at the end of the day......it's true.

As the proud niece of a retired firefighter & a police officer, I love this picture! They all risk their lives to keep is safe! God bless them!


So shut up, stop fighting, stop running, put your damn gun down. Where is all the respect go?