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Mahlathini male leopard as seen on safari

a week in the bush: vol 43

A Week in the Bush: Vol 34 | Sabi Sabi Blog

The Southern Pride cubs enjoyed some play time, also taking some time to nurse from their disgruntled mothers.

A Week in the Bush: vol 46 | Sabi Sabi Blog

All 6 of the Southern Pride females were found together on a large kudu bull kill this morning. Hopefully this much needed meal will cement their bond.

A Week in the Bush: Vol 58 - Sabi Sabi Private Game Reserve Blog

Even with winter now in full swing and with that taking its toll on the bush, the sightings have been nothing short of spectacular.

A Week in the Bush: vol 49 | Sabi Sabi Blog

Today we celebrate Freedom Day in South Africa. Sabi Sabi is proudly South African and we wish all those who call this amazing country – home, a very happy Freedom Day!

A Week in the Bush: Vol 28 | Sabi Sabi Blog

The wild dogs were on the reserve again, looking well fed and contented.

Lions on a kill at Sabi Sabi.

The Fourways males and Mandleve were on a buffalo kill last night, and had moved off this morning, allowing the clean-up crew of hyenas, vultures and even Southern Ground Hornbills to feast on the left overs.

Lion sighting while on safari at Sabi Sabi luxury safari lodges

This morning the two Fourways males and Mandleve/Floppy Ear were found, and she was seen rejecting one of the males as he made a few attempts to mate with her.

Safari sunset at Sabi Sabi Private Game Reserve

Wild dogs as seen on safari at Sabi Sabi Private Game Reserve

The Toulon pack of wild dogs were found highly mobile chasing down a young wildebeest who was fortunately protected by the rest of the herd.