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The emerald fruit chafer beetle is only one of more than 300,000 species of beetle. Up next, another impressive beetle.    Gerry Ellis/Getty Images

The emerald fruit chafer beetle is only one of more than species of beetle. Up next, another impressive beetle.

Eurhinus magnificus — The genus includes 23 species that are widely distributed. Eurhinus magnificus occurs in Belize, Costa Rica, Guatemala...

Metallic weevil scientific name: Eurhinus magnificus Gyllenhal (Insecta: Coleoptera: Curculionidae)

Larver av Caddis flugans larver använder allt möjligt för att göra sina kokonger. Det kan vara fiskben eller löv. Hubert Duprat gav dem guld, turkoser, ädelstenar och pärlor.

Artist Hubert Duprat: Caddisfly larvae build protective cases using materials found in their environment. Artist Hubert Duprat supplied them with gold leaf and precious stones. This is what they created.

Flower Beetle or Flower Chafer - Stephanorrhina Guttata

Paying homage to the wonderful, unusual and diverse world of animals.

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And were looking for alien life on distant planets! Spiny Flower Mantis (Pseudocreobotra wahlbergii) perhaps? I think so anyway. So damn cool!

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Hercules beetles can be found roaming ares in southern Mexico south to Bolivia and in the Lesser Antilles. As an adult (pictured) it only lives about three to six months, so the average beetle lives total life span of up to two years

Known as the Picasso Bug or Zulu Hud Bug in Tansania.  It’s a member of the genus of Shield-backed Bugs (Scutelleridae).

Mother Nature as Supreme Designer! This is a Picasso Bug which is a species of Shield-backed Bug (Sphaerocoris annulus) -------SHUT UP! This is a bug? OH Mother Nature is right!

Cotton Harlequin Bug  Tectocoris diophthalmus

Hibiscus or Cotton Harlequin Bug - Tectocoris diophthalmus - This member of the family Scutelleridae has varied coloration with (f) mostly orange (m) blue red or blue orange. It is found in Northern Eastern Australia, New Guinea several Pacific islands

Planthopper | 061211 NAPW | kites182 | Flickr

A planthopper. He looks like a grasshopper with anxiety.