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real Titanic photo

Take a tour inside the real Titanic (25 photos)

Some Pictures Of The Titanic You've Never Seen

Pictures of the Titanic. I've had a weird interest in the Titanic since like grade. I even wrote to the scientist who found the wreck and got a letter back. White Star Line

Titanic Grand Staircase Cherub Underwater! The real reason the Titanic sank; Weeping Angels. I believe it.

The real reason the Titanic sank, Weeping Angels <<-- ksc Just when you thought it was safe to get back in the water. Whovians, finding a Who relation in everything and anywhere :) ♥♥

Facts about the Real Titanic

Captain Smith: Titanic's Crew: Left to Right: William McMaster Murdoch, Charles A. Bartlett, Henry Tingle Wilde and Captain Edward John Smith

Only known video of the Titanic - right before maiden voyage, in Belfast.

Vidéo rare du Titanic avant qu’il coule

AMAZING real footage of the Titanic, in Belfast, (Northern) Ireland, prior to her final fitting out.

The Titanic Musicians

Titanic stories – Young violinist John Hume a ‘hero’ for playing until the end - Halifax

The Titanic Musicians. They kept on playing as the great ship sank. This is where the saying "and the band played on" originated from.

Gallant: Wallace Hartley and his band played on as Titanic sank

Titanic bandmaster, Wallace Hartley, who continued to play music with his band to comfort the frightened passengers as the Titanic sunk until he was finally swept out to sea where he perished.


Cool just watched a mini series about these people. People in Belfast bidding farewell to the ship they just built - the Titanic, 1912