Another Alice in Wonderland neo traditional tattoo design for a lovely lady. Really enjoyed making this one!

I used all the colours for this one! Tattoo design for a lovely lady just finished, and now to have some early birthday celebration fun :D

Alice in wonderland key hole tattoo idea

Alice in wonderland key hole drawing idea

Alice in wonderland tattoo I want some badass Darker skewed Wonderland ink, but this is just delightful!

Alice in wonderland tattoos. I wanna get the teapot but have a small mad hatter hat ontop of it :) I always read the book when I was little and I love the story. I've been thinking hard about getting it :)

Alice in wonderland tattoos. i love the eat me and drink me but id want a different flower. like a traditional rose.

I want

I’m working on an Alice in Wonderland tattoo design for someone…could also make its way onto a Tshirt as well!

I'm totally overwhelmed with all the love for my latest Alice in wonderland design. Thanks for all the new likes and followers :) I'm doing some really exciting work today so stay tuned, but for now a close up from yesterday :D

A close up of my latest neo traditional tattoo design based around the wonderful Alice in Wonderland, with a little dark twist of course!

It's dark and stormy in wonderland today

It's dark and stormy in wonderland today. Finished neo traditional tattoo design for client based on Alice in Wonderland. If I ever do get an Alice in Wonderland tattoo, I'll have her design it.

Alice in wonderland - Neo Traditional

Alice in wonderland - Neo Traditional - try storm in a teacup

Neo Traditional Walt Disney themed tattoo. Little Mermaid, Peter Pan, Tangled, Alice in Wonderland, Snow White, Beauty and the Beast, Cinderella, Brave, Princes and the Frog.

Something like this but different characters. Could be a good rib or thigh tattoo!

This one's a little flat for my taste but yes something whimsical!! And definitely a bold piece. ..maybe a little new school would be better

Alice in Wonderland leg sleeve, tattoo, ink, alices Adventures in Wonderland tattoo