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Ancient map from 1747 showing the tribe of Judah on West Coast of Africa.....Tell me again, how the people on those slave ships were not from Tribe of Judah?

Kingdom of Judah In NegroLand In century Africa. After fleeing Palestine between AD The Jews settle in an area which became the Slave Coast of Africa.

The infamous "Judah/Ouidah" slave port in Benin, West Africa.The infamous "Judah/Ouidah" slave port in Benin, West Africa from which millions of "African" slaves were scattered to the four corners of the earth.

In my fake life, I was able to trace my family history back to the "Judah/Ouidah" slave port in Benin, West Africa. As far as records go, nothing exists beyond here. Yet generations exist beyond here.

Fine heeboes = Hebrews, Hebrew Israelites. ~ Before the satanic owned and run institution of media spread intentional lies about culture and nations of people, the entire world knew the TRUE HEBREWS were black and WE STILL ARE!

"Heeboes" or Hebrews.they knew and they know who we are. Do you? To be sold on board the ship.Fine Heeboes" We always were and still are the Chosen Children of the Most High God.The Hebrew Israelite's.

12 Tribes of Israel. Not for sure how true but pretty interesting

The Real 12 Tribes of Israel. Not really, the Tribe of Issachar (Mexicans) arose out of the merger between the Spanish and Native American Indians.