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This is Zayn's cousin<<<<< are we sure?

This is Zayn's freaking cousin. <--- OHMÍLORD---- we will find you zayns cousin.

Safaa,Doniya and a cousin.<3    >>>> Safaa looked so young!

Safaa,Doniya and a >>>> Safaa looked so young!

Everyone please pray for Arshiya Malik #prayformalikfamily #everyprayercounts #helpbypraying

Zayn's little cousin died. You're in the Directioners' hearts. ❤️ looked it up it says she is alive. She is unwell but still alive.

zayn's sisters wearing little mix outfits and have hearts around perrie<3 SO CUTE :3

zayn's sisters wearing little mix outfits and have hearts around SO CUTE its only Saafa the littlest one isn't Zayn's sister it's his cousin I think her names Bismah or Maha so.<<< either way this is adorable<< Gosh they are so CUTE!

AAOOD >>>I even know what he's saying!! He's saying "Girls" hahahahaha!

Mark Parsons, creator of "The Adventurous Adventures of One Direction" :) I wonder when da one's comin out.


Shot me outta the sky, you're my kryptonite, you keep makin' me weak, yea frozen & can't breathe :)

One Direction Face Swap: the whole time looking at that I was like isn't there five members then bam Harry!!! I was like oh damn I'm sorry Harry. But I guess it just shows that I'm not one of those girls that are only in it for Harry cause I'm pretty sure those girls would notice it right off.

One Direction Face Swap>> if I don't have it wrong its liam in louis face zayn in liam niall in zayns and harry in louis I think LOL