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Two things come to our mind right now: “what the heck am I watching” and “ I hope he’s not naked under that bacon”.

Funny pictures about Meat armour. Oh, and cool pics about Meat armour. Also, Meat armour photos.

Bacon taco shell!

The bacon weave taco shell. Note to self, will make epic breakfast tacos. who doesn't love a good bacon weave.

BACON :: Yum. Love. Love. Love.

Delicious Bacon Meets Savory Cocktail The Bacon Bloody Mary Recipe Bacon Bloody Mary - the perfect balance of food and drink recipe! There are two things that I expect from a good brunch: Bacon and.



Today it was the other way around I guess because I wasn't here today cause I had a field trip bUT GET THIS okay so on A-days he sits with us because his gf sits with us but on b-day I don't have their lunch but him and his gf do but they don't sit together on b-day and today since I wasn't here apparently he went to our table asked my friend where I was which she said I had to go to a thing and he said oh ok sat there silently for a minute and then left even though the girl he "likes" was…

When he went to Florida I didn't go to the bus stop cause he wasn't there so I got a ride and was basically depressed for a week or two


I got so done with someone I told them "your dick belongs in your pants not your personality.

These mississippi mud potatoes are delicious and easy-- only 5 ingredients and gluten free!

Mississippi Mud Cheesy Potatoes

These look SO delicious-- bacon, cheese, potatoes. and really easy, too. Good for a pot luck! Seriously my favorite cheesy potatoes recipe ever potato side dish casserole

Cheesy Bacon Potato Bites

I would par cook the potatoes and cook the bacon to "just done" - after baking dollop sour cream and sprinkle green onion. Oh yes - Cheesy Bacon Potato Bites

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grey converse..

grey converse..