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Anything nu can be discredited by default. "Numilk" really is particularly dubious and Orwellian-sounding.


A running archive of cool, interesting, weird, and beautiful vintage ads from the and

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Here's a fun and delicious Retro Recipe for Baker's Chocolate Topping Pie ! Love the Peppermint Candy Filling , too! "IT'S THE TOPS!

I was going to say too much cottage cheese, then I noticed lime jello is mixed with tuna.

Cottage cheese, tuna, jello and Elsie the cow . a lot going on here.

It looks like it's moving.

Dinner in a Shell Vintage Recipe ad from Gold Medal-Personally who ever was their artist should be shot NONE of their magazine recipe ads look appetizing.

Folks who want to lose weight in the 50s eat this.. You probably wouldn't eat it.. Hence the weight loss!

Strawberry Cottage Cheese Mold by Knox. Is that broccoli as a garnish? I can't imagine a broccoli, cottage cheese, and strawberry combination.