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ugly kids

she must have had an OOOPS. your sister is pretty, and it seems she is the mature one and REAL. you should be more like your sister

I hate when people talk like this. Or say "ratchet" or "take it" how retarded has the generation come these days

Ok, so I'm not a punch in the throat kinda girl, but these phrases really are very annoying!

good for me.

Sometimes driving down the highway a really funny idea for an ecard jumps in my mind. Unfortunately, by the time I get home, the “genius” though has disappear. That’s okay because I still found some really cute ecards.

@My coworkers- you know we have to...to remember which side the baby last ate on.

Haha I do this all the time, sometimes without even realizing it! be jealous bitches!

Yep, my brain on MS...bedtime, naptime....

When my brain decides it's time for great ideas - The Oatmeal So true, which is why I have a notebook by my bed to capture those ideas.

although I've never heard of her saying anything ....  This is still funny

although I've never heard of her saying anything .... This is still funny

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Funny pictures about Productive day? Oh, and cool pics about Productive day? Also, Productive day?


Funny Friendship Ecard: You drink too much, swear too much and have questionable morals. You're everything I've ever wanted in a friend.