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It sure is kid! #wine #SF #winecountry

That moment you finish your 15 page paper and celebrate with a small glass of merlot.


Caged Heart Crusher

This corset truly will break hearts, mostly the hearts of people who don't have this sexy piece in their closet. The gathered neckline and choker alone are fabulous and incredibly flattering. The oute

ok-this was legit.  I was looking for a fruit salad recipe for thanksgiving-this may work...

I'm having fruit salad for dinner. Well, it's mostly grapes actually. Okay, all grapes. I'm having wine for dinner.

@staci Alvarez I know this song is about "staci's mom" but you're a mom named Staci and this song makes me think of you every time!

"When I am older I will have a little girl. I will name her Stacy. I will be Stacy's mom. I will have it going on.