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Why Do Ants Have Wings?

When you see ants with wings, they are seeking a mate to breed. Find out more about flying ants and why accurate identification is important.

Атлас Moth - считается самым крупным моли в мире, встречается главным образом в субтропических лесах Азии . Они имитируют форму змеиных головок в - для того, чтобы сбить с толку потенциальных хищников . Я думаю, 2 змеиные головы лучше , чем одна.

Big moth-er: Butterfly keeper Heather Prince holds one of Chester Zoo's newly emerged Atlas Moths, the largest moth species in the world. The Attacus Atlas Moth found in southeast Asia and Malay Archipelago


"In the depth of winter I finally learned that there was in me an invincible summer." Albert Camus *Emergence, Orange-barred Sulphur butterfly emerging from its chrysalis.

Scarlet-Bodied Wasp Moth (Cosmosoma myrodora)

Scarlet-Bodied Wasp Moth (Cosmosoma myrodora)whoah so wierd

The amazing strength of an ant

THE AMAZING STRENGTH OF AN ANT Photograph by Yu Wu for National Geographic - Your Shot Photographer Yu Wu took this incredible close-up of a small ant biting a branch whilst holding up a rock. The location was only described as 'beside a river in China'.

Castes of the western honey bee Apis mellifera: worker, queen, and drone.

Castes of the western honey bee Apis mellifera: worker, queen, and drone. Bees are such fascinating creatures. I have boundless respect for the bee.

#hormiga de la fotógrafa malaya Lee Pei Ling

This is A Bug's Life, mixed with a dash of zen meditation, as Malaysian photographer Lee Pei Ling brings almost human characteristics to these tiny creatures, each measuring just millimeters in length.

That must be TERRO Liquid Ant Bait dyed red!   #TerroDeadAnts #AntBait

stunning macro photos of ants F-ant-sy