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オオサンショウウオ The Japanese giant salamander (Andrias japonicus): The Japanese giant salamander (Andrias japonicus) is endemic to Japan, where it is known as Ōsanshōuo, literally meaning "giant pepper fish". It is a long-lived species, with the captive record being an individual that lived in the Netherlands, for 52 years. In the wild they may live for nearly 80 years.

The Giant Chinese Salamander is the largest salamander in the world. It is considered critically endangered and can only be found in rocky mountain streams/lakes in China. (Or should is say, Holy Salamander!

The Blue Dragon (Glaucus atlanticus), one of the world’s rarest and most beautiful mollusks.

The Blue Dragon (Glaucus atlanticus sea slug), one of the world’s rarest and most beautiful mollusks.

Japanese Giant Salamander

This is a shot of the Japanese Giant Salamander (Ōsanshōuo) that was spotted going for a stroll on the bank of the Kamogawa River in Kyoto. The Japanese Giant Salamander is believed to be the basis of the kappa,.

Goliath Frog the Largest Frog Species in the world

Original post: Goliath Frog the Largest Frog Species in the world. But I think it is a giant Chinese salamander

Alligator hitching a ride.

A baby crocodile climbed on top of a hippo mistaking it for a rock. Even after the hippo moved, the crocodile stayed on for 15 mins before climbing off Photo by Richard Miller Kruger National Park, South Africa

Sunda Pangolin carrying it's baby.

dig-image: “ A sunda pangolin carries its baby at a Bali zoo, Indonesia, Thursday, June The pangolin baby was born on May (Photo by Firdia Lisnawati/AP Photo) ”

Chinese Giant Salamander

Giant Salamander Emerges from River in Japan. In Kyoto Japan, bystanders were surprised by the appearance of a giant creature. This strange animal was discov.

the national animal of pakistan, the markhor is a sizable species of wild goat. the majestic beast’s most distinguishing feature is its massive spiral horns that can grow to be up to five feet long. they are on the endangered list, with less than 2,500 mature animals in existence. source: my modern met

The markhor is a large species of wild goat that is found in northeastern Afghanistan and Pakistan. The species is classed by the IUCN as Endangered, as there are fewer than mature individuals. The markhor is the national animal of Pakistan.

Pangolin. And God said, "Put armor plate all over him." Angel said, "Yup, He's snortin' supernovae again."

Pangolins are found naturally in tropical regions throughout Africa and Asia. The name, pangolin, comes from the Malay word, pengguling, meaning "something that rolls up". uncredited photo [someone else's caption]

Giornata produttiva

Oar Fish: This is an oarfish - one of a group of long bony fish found in tropical and temperate waters throughout the world. One species (Regalecus glesne) is capable of reaching in length.