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Jin: (to Jimin) "I was born before you. " *Jungkook randomly shows up "JK: Nice one eomma!" *fist bumps each other

I can hear Jin saying that in my head

On another note, that sure is one stretchy headband lol

I watched this vid when it came out but I forgot what it was called and can't find it anymore :C

Absolute fave era for JK. Jimin can do any era flawlessly so they're all my fave.

[BTS] Feast your eyes ladies!

kpop all the way

kpop all the way

Sooo jimin<<<he's a little hoe but I still love u boo

Inspiring image bts, jin, kpop, kpop worldwide, oppa by sarahswlon - Resolution - Find the image to your taste

Wanna get arrested??

Sorry about the language but seriously though<<<legit no one cares about swearing

Jungkook's baby sht-eating grin

kim seokjin’s tragic backstory

Jiminnie is sitting criss cross applesauce while the cute white marshmallow is sitting with his legs under him :D

dang these spot the difference games are becoming really hard

Aaah that's the reason I love Jin oppa so much! ❤

Aaah that's the reason I love Jin oppa so much! ❤ <<< yes he's pretty awesome 😌

Oldest hyung and maknae looking the same age..how

while theyre actually 5 years apart