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Damien Hirst Artwork

Confetti Death, by Miami-based graffiti artist TYPOE, manages to be violent and poetic at the same time. A skull is seen vomiting colorful shards of spray paint caps onto a bright white wall. Modern art does not get more punk rock than this.

For the Love of God, human skull covered in diamonds by Damien Hirst

Damien Hirst

For the Love of God, human skull covered in diamonds by Damien Hirst. Sold this shit for 50 million pounds. Diamond in the middle was million.

Damien Hirst Broken Dream (2008)i saw a retrospective of Damien Hirst in 2012 london at the tate modern. amazing. but why did he have to go and kill a unicor? aren't they endangered?

headless-horse: “ The Broken Dream - Damien Hirst, 2008 (‘Beautiful Inside My Head Forever’ art auction) ”

GlassLdC Flash: Damien Hirst kills 9,000 butterflies in the name of art. Hirst's exhibit titled "In and Out of Love" featured live butterflies which were replaced by the 400 weekly. Butterflies are such wonderful animals, they should not have been massacred for the sake of art. #cruel

Stilled Life In Motion

On October British artist Damien Hirst’s butterfly painting I Am Become Death, Shatterer of Worlds sold for million pounds million dollars) at Christie’s auction in London.

Damien Hirst

Damien Hirst At first I thought there were skulls in the lower eyes. The moth is beautiful in and of itself.

Damien Hirst (Hurst?) the butterfly moves and challenges the wind.

The ornamental tile look: Damien Hirst - Butterfly Wallpaper Inspiration stems from the combination of my beloved Middle Eastern (orientalist) ornamental patterns and exotic butterflies.