brass lighting

Chez Pierre Frey, motifs, couleurs et harmonies

DINING ROOM // brass lighting - I can't decide if I love it or hate it, but I thought about it enough that I decided to pin it!

Stephanie Ng Design - Scoop

I want ice cream meow-Scoop by Stephanie Ng Design- Local Australian Lighting and Product Design

Jona Hoad

Interesting light ideas on webpage. Portable fixtures: floor These are three floor lamps that provide artificial lighting for a room and is able to turn up brightness etc I love these and I don't know what I would change .

"Tree in the Moonlight" Floor Light by Michael Anastassiades

"Tree in the Moonlight" Floor Light by Michael Anastassiades Use a outdoor globe light from Smart and Green the mount onto steel rods for outdoor lighting

beautiful lamp

Korean design artist Kwon Jae Min created a unique pendant light made from thin sheets of locally-sourced wood. Fissures that run along the pendant light give it an exotic appearance and accentuates the expert wood craftsmanship.

The lighting and umbrellas define this space

white decor with LED flooring and lighting make a huge statement and can transform any space into any color from chic, sophisticated cocktail parties to funky, fun events!

Dome Light—Artilleriet

I really like the Dome lights, which are now available at Artilleriet. --- Ik vind de Dome lights van Artilleriet heel erg mooi, zeker met elkaar gecombineerd zoals in de eerste foto.

Alfredo Moser bleach bottle lights.

The light inventor who is poor but proud

BBC News - Alfredo Moser: Bottle light inventor proud to be poor

Chandelier from recycled Champagne corks - Recyclart

Chandelier From Recycled Champagne Corks

Champagne Chandelier Chandelier from recycled Champagne corks in lights with cork Chandelier champagne diy - lamp

Atelier Areti Lighting

Atelier Areti Lighting.

The Conductor by Faye Toogood for Established & Sons

The Conductor, Faye Toogood’s interactive installation at Established & Sons’ showroom, was a welcome interaction for tired minds during London Design Festival.