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Office Tour: Inside HDG Architecture and Design’s Spokane Offices

Vittra Telefonplan / Rosan Bosch (12)

Vittra Telefonplan / Rosan Bosch

How do you create a school without any walls? In the 30 schools of the Swedish free school organisation Vittra there are no classes or classrooms Vittra school in Stockholm, Telefonplan, Rosan Bosch Ltd. has created the school’s interior with spatial divi


Graphics on the glass walls. Numbered offices easier to locate. Name meeting spaces, label accordingly - Decoration for House

Ubiquitous office by Ubiquitous, Manchester

Ubiquitous is a digital studio located in Manchester. For them, the office is very important, it’s more than a place to work. Founders Andy Buchan and Neil Boote wanted their company’s office to represent the heart of their company: Craft.

mono office by Charlie Lazor & Alex Haecker, Minneapolis

This design provides moderate privacy without feeling confined. office design interior design ideas design and decoration design office

Hetburo office by Con’Fetti, Rotterdam

Hetburo office by Con Fetti Rotterdam I adore the idea of workspaces similar to this with chalkboards/blackboards for neon markers.

TAOA Studio is a minimalist interior located in Beijing, China, designed by Tao Lei Architecture Studio. An abandoned warehouse was originally located on the site prior to this construction. In an effort to reduce costs, the building kept a lot of the original structure. The interior is very spacious, with open partitions separating the spaces within. Wood is juxtaposed against the concrete surface in order to add natural accents to the industrialized space.

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Image 6 of 14 from gallery of TAOA Studio / Tao Lei Architect Studio. Courtesy of Tao Lei Architecture Studio