"Picture taken at a second hand furniture shop...can you imagine finding this while thrifting! Too bad no way to know who the artist was...."

Second Hand Furniture Shop in Rye - Jan 2009 - Miss Havisham by Alive and Well and Much Better, via Flick crochet yarn bomb on old lady scandal, thats no way to treat the elderly.

Africa | "Cotton rug making, craft workshop of Bogolan, Segou, Mali"| ©Bruno Morandi

Cotton Rug Making, Craft Workshop of Bogolan, Segou, Mali

Cotton Rug Making, Craft Workshop of Bogolan, Segou, Mali Photographic Print by…

nice Outta Sight Patched and Perfect Levi's Dream Jeans

Living On The Edge.....: Busy Doing Lots of Things

Seascape - Absolutely gorgeous piece of art! Made by embellishing merino tops, silk bricks, ribbons and yarns onto a baby-wipe, then adding detail with hand embroidery and beads. by Su (Tiny Acorns) Harris.

Oyster Originals: Faustine Steinmetz AW14 Shot By Benjamin Mallek | Fashion Magazine | News. Fashion. Beauty. Music. | oystermag.com

Oyster Originals: Faustine Steinmetz Shot By Benjamin Mallek Photography: Benjamin Mallek Fashion: Gabrielle Lawrence using Faustine Steinmetz Hair: Jonahid Miah @ R Agency New York using SACHAJUAN Make-up: Gillian Campbell using Jurlique.

Empire Textiles | Wax Prints | Supreme Holland Gold | MTW446 - Metallic Wax

West African Wax Print fabrics: Combining traditional printing processes with modern styling.

detail of tear and repair (1)

tear and repair cloth made with pure raw silk scraps, hand stitched on linen. to lay down or hang on a wall. size 96 x 60 cm. the back is left 'unfinished' and shows a Boro-style sachiko stitching.

Stitch and sew embroidery, boro style, patchwork gypsy jeans.

*There is a fine line between boho and hobo. Some things just don't look well repaired.

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