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Hahaha, this is great. XD not really that hard! purple is a magic color! (so too lavender or violet)

I seriously laughed out loud on this and I am not sure why. "Let's play a hard game called.FIND LUNA" only potter heads would get this!

Or Doctor Who... Or Sherlock... Or Supernatural... Or Percy Jackson... Or Lord of the Rings... Or Divergent... Or Avengers... Or Star Wars... Or Merlin... Or Star Trek... Or basically anything geek related.

Or Doctor Who. Or Sherlock. Or Supernatural. Or Percy Jackson. Or Lord of the Rings. Or Divergent. Or Avengers. Or Star Wars. Or Merlin. Or Hunger Games, Or Star Trek.Or Ender's Game, Or Frozen, Or anything else geek related.

the awkward moment when you find out that harry potter doesn't have his mother's eyes........

They should have used colored contacts! I mean for seven years he was told he had his mothers eyes but when we see Lily in the final book they're different.And his eyes are supposed to be green,they never said he had his mother's GREEN eyes in the movie.

Haha this is quite funny. This is actually in my minecraft house

Haha this is quite funny<<<<<<< but u wont b able to sleep bc there is a monster nearby<<<<<<<you know when your not able to sleep in real life?