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Nature YCH [Auction]-Closed by ToxicMiasma

Nature YCH [Auction]-Closed by ToxicMiasma

percy, nico, and leo

Nah, I am just a mechanic. Well of course I would make Leo too. I am strangelo fond of the idea of drawing Leo with some moles. ( viria ) <-- this is my favorite fanart of him

At first, Piper wasn't really one of my favourite character... I mean.. I liked her, but.. BoO kinda changed that though !!! I love how she was there for Annabeth !

This is Piper McLean from the Heroes of Olympus series. I posted her on my "Hair" board because her hair is awesome and i love it. This is the hair i wish i had and hope to have cut (only maybe a bit longer)