Map of Ancient Tenochtitlan c. 1524

Map of Ancient Tenochtitlan, Mexico City was built atop this Aztec lake-town. "Nothing stays buried forever in Mexico." -- The Patron Saint of Plagues

paris gardens / bluesky

Weekly Travel Guide: Versailles Palace and Gardens The gardens cover some 800 hectares of land, much of which is landscaped in the classic French Garden style perfected here by Linnea Versailles is a city on western edge of the French capital city Paris

england geology

Geology of Great Britain. This old geological map of Great Britain shows in detail the geology of the whole island, and also the relationship of the south coast sections to this.


While the city of Venice fights a battle against the sea, the Venetian lagoon fights a different battle with invasive algae. This map by Christopher Christophi shows algae growth around the islands of the lagoon, 2011 //but its such an interesting image//


Stanley Smith - Great Britain Note that the more accurate title would be ‘British Isles’, since this map focuses on Ireland, too. This region seems to be a magnet for maps in that attractive.

​L​u​i​s​ ​D​o​u​r​a​d​o​ ​:​ ​B​u​r​s​t​o​i​d

​L​u​i​s​ ​D​o​u​r​a​d​o​ ​:​ ​B​u​r​s​t​o​i​d map collage

D3 / Choropleth

D3 / Choropleth