Cool Kevin Spacey Picture

Kevin Spacey (born actor (born in South Orange, grew up in Southern California)

Great Woody Harrelson Picture

July 1961 - Woody Harrelson an American actor and activist is born in Midland, Texas.

Great Michael Madsen Picture

Great Michael Madsen Picture

Nice Richard Gere Picture

Born Richard Tiffany Gere August 1949 (age Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, U.

Nice George Clooney Pin

George Clooney 2012 Another "Got Everything" actor. Can play any part any scene and fill it with honesty. One seldom mentioned is the American. Who else could you watch just driving for minutes at a time?

Nice Mandy Moore pin  Source:    [easy_wiki]Mandy Moore[/easy_wiki]...

A modern, short and layered graduated shape, cut with a razor for better softness and fluidity, it is a polished and sassy style. The emphasis is on a light and loose, easy to wear haircut that promotes youthfulness and beauty. This type of cut looks best

Kate Beckinsale

light brown hair color with highlights . (The beautiful Kate Beckinsale)