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a blue bike parked next to a wooden fence with potted plants on the side
Revetement de facade en Ayous thermo-traite 2.5 x 14.5 cm
Revêtement de façade en Ayous thermo-traité 2.5 x 14.5 cm
an outdoor dining area with wooden table and chairs on concrete flooring next to trees
STYLE TIP - Tree Potting — Adam Robinson Design
an aerial view of a courtyard with tables and benches surrounded by greenery on the roof
15 Ideas for Stylish Rooftop Gardens
a bar with two stools in front of it and a television on the wall
Homearama Week - Day Four! - Evolution of Style
Hello! It’s been fun going through all of the pictures I took on the tour since all of the homes seem to blur together when you’re actually taking the tour. This next home ranks towards the top of my list for a lot of reasons, but I’ll let you be the judge. The Bella Noelle...Read More »
a picnic table with white flowers and greenery on the arbor is set up for an outdoor wedding
Bohemian Utah Wedding
Magical bohemian-style wedding - Have everyone sit on picnic tables instead of formal seating.:
a wooden table with candles and plates on it in front of some lights hanging from the trees
25 Great Ideas For Creating A Unique Outdoor Dining
In the South there's plenty of nice weather to eat outdoors. These outdoor dining designs will inspire you to make your own!
an outdoor dining area overlooking the ocean with white tablecloths, chairs and bottles of wine
For The World To See - cute-cute-et-cute
Dreamy location.