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a white chair sitting on top of a wooden floor
Mid century
Rocking chair
Festival time Sunglasses, Festival
Festival time
an open box with silverware in it
Barber Time
a yellow spatula sitting on top of a wooden table next to a store shelf
Flat Topper
a white and grey dresser sitting on top of a tile floor next to a window
Frenchic Furniture Paint
Pip 'n' Mix
Top Step Antiques
a glass table topped with lots of assorted items
Top Step Antiques
Goodies galore
an old wooden dresser with metal knobs on it's drawers and books in the background
Apprentice drawers
Top Step Antiques
a brown teddy bear sitting in a bowl
Teddy in a mixing bowl!
Top Step Antiques
there is a crochet flower on top of the brooch and we are looking at it
Crochet Rose Blossom Brooch
a pile of white plates with numbers on them
Vintage shop tickets
an old wooden box with two pens in it's inside and the lid opened
Drawing equipment antique
a woman's illustrated magazine with a dog on the cover
Woman’s magazine vintage
a newspaper advertises the best type to choose is dunlop for cycling
Let’s cycle vintage magazine
Marcel hair waves 1940’s Hair, Hair Waves
Marcel hair waves 1940’s