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Harris tweed Harris Tweed, Sequin Skirt
Harris tweed
Button braces Braces
Button braces
many different colored ties hanging on a rack
Tweed ties
On me 'ead bowler hat Hats, Bowler Hat
On me 'ead bowler hat
Dapper chaps Coffee, Shaving, Powder Brush, Coffee Bag
Dapper chaps
five ceramic jars are lined up on a shelf in front of a window, with the words taylor's painted on them
a label on the back of a blue shirt that says, guananified all wool
blue plastic dishes and cups on a table
Socks Gifts, Socks, Mens Dress Socks, Dress Socks, Men Dress, Mens Gifts
two red pillows with pins attached to them sitting on a wooden surface next to each other
Hat pins
two pink tickets sitting next to each other
First aid First Aid
First aid
Camera Enamel Pins
a large yellow bowl sitting on top of a wooden table in front of some bushes
a set of six silver flatware forks and spoons in a purple case with blue velvet lining
Cake forks