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Akise ♥

Akise Aru (Mirai Nikki) lots of people probably love him others might now but I don't know why ever white haired anime boy I see I fall in love with it hurts so much!

When you get home and try to figure out how much anime you can watch before going to bed, funny, text, Hibiki Reitisu, magic archive, Fairy Tail; Otaku

Me: *sees my anime list* if I can lose 5 hours of sleep I can watch 10 episodes but. Neverending I'm watching anime screw sleep

I wanna pick an I'm ...... but I should do my homework....... AAAUUUGGHHH WHY IS THIS SO HARD TO PICK GODDDD!!

I would choose anime<<sadly, I'd choose homework. Your education is more important.<<<I'd choose homework too. THEN I'd watch anime ^-^