Greek Inspired Party Food.

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hummus with olives and parsley in a black bowl on a wooden table
3 Easy, Delicious Homemade Hummus Recipes
3 incredibly easy recipes for some homemade hummus!
a white plate topped with lots of food on top of a wooden table next to a knife and fork
Greek recipes | Jamie Oliver
Delicious Greek recipes to keep you warm in the cold weather!
a white bowl filled with meat and potatoes on top of a green towel next to two small bowls
Greek recipes | Jamie Oliver
Mediterranean foods to keep that summer vibe going
a red bowl filled with vegetables and tofu
California Roll Quinoa & Edamame Feta Salad
Edamame Feta Salad with red peppers, onions, and a light lemon-herb dressing.
four different views of food being made in a food processor, including spinach and bread
Basil Butter Garlic Bread
Basil butter garlic bread spread!French bread, butter, olive oil, basil, parsley, garlic, green onion, salt, pepper, and Parmesan cheese.
a bowl of dip with crackers on the side and cheese wedges next to it
Tzatziki Recipe | Gimme Some Oven
Did you know that Greek tzatziki sauce is really easy to make homemade? It's perfect as a sauce, or even standing on its own as a tasty dip.
spinach and cheese pancakes with tartar sauce on the side, served on a white plate
Greek Spinach and Feta Parcels| Scrambled Chefs
These Greek parcels (called Spanakopitas in Greek) are incredibly easy to make plus they're baked and not fried! YUM! Healthy and absolutely delicious! |
greek tzatzki yogurt cucumber dip
Easy Tzatziki Recipe
Tzatziki is a deliciously fresh and easy dip with yogurt, cucumber, lemon and dill. Totally irresistible on pita, chicken and cooked or raw veggies (and it's good for you too)!
two plates with different types of food on them and the same plate has cheese in it
Tirokafteri – Spicy Feta Dip
Tirokafteri - Greek Spicy Feta Dip
an image of creamy spinach stuffed mushrooms on a grill with text overlay
Creamy Spinach Stuffed Mushrooms
Creamy Spinach Stuffed Mushroom Recipe - Portobello mushrooms stuffed with creamy garlic spinach, then topped with grated parmesan - the perfect summer lunch! |
there are many different types of food in this container
Dolmades recipe
Once you get the hang of them, making dolmades (Greek stuffed vine leaves) is very easy. Good as a main, starter or mezze selection
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a casserole dish on a table with utensils and napkins next to it
Hmm I've only had Moussaka in leftovers form...but even then it's sooo wonderful!! Someday I must learn how to make it!
grilled chicken skewers with greek yogurt sauce
Greek Lemon Chicken Skewers with Tzatziki Sauce
Greek Lemon Chicken Skewers with Tzatziki Sauce | Delicious and healthy Greek chicken skewers with a sauce you'll want to slather on everything!
1h 23m
a person cutting up some food on a wooden board with the title red bell peppers
Feta Stuffed Peppers
Roasted red bell peppers are stuffed with a mixture of feta, Greek yogurt, garlic and parsley. This would be amazing with poblano peppers, too!
greek style roasted potatoes on a white plate with lemons and seasoning in the background
Greek Potatoes (super easy, so much flavor!) - Texanerin Baking
Crisp on the outside and with a creamy center, these lemony Greek style roasted potatoes are a great change of pace!