Man in a Boat-Saatchi Online Artist: Loui Jover; Pen and Ink, Drawing "a simple plan"

"The next time you think of beautiful things, don't forget to include yourself." ~ Unknown Artist: Loui Jover Pen and Ink, Drawing lis

I really love the way this drawing is very vaguely drawn and at the same time precise enough to have us recognize the place.

Travel The World’s Most Exciting Cities In Vivid Watercolour!

"Sherlock fan art, but I would frame it for the space above my mantle."--not sure it's Sherlock fan art. Looks like regular London to me, but it is lovely and I would love it for my place too.

city apartment - Art - painting technique ideas. Beautiful!

Easy Acrylic Painting Ideas: Abstract Landscape

Artist Joanna Wirazka uses fallen leaves as canvases to create beautiful landscapes artworks

Self-Taught Polish Artist Joanna Wirazka Uses Fallen Autumn Leaves As Canvases For Her Paintings

Exciting Things to Do in Vancouver | Capilano Suspension Bridge Park

Tree top suspension bridges in Vancouver, BC Canada.Visitors move from tree to tree at a height of 30 meters. I want to visit this part of Canada.

jellyfish chandelier -- I want one! More

Lights Like You've Never Seen Them

jellyfish chandelier - I want one! Contemporary Chandelier, Chandeliers, Jellyfish Chandelier, Lights Like You've Never Seen Them

Colorfully Dripping Paintings - Marc Allante Captures Abstract Ideas in the Bounds of Reality (GALLERY)

Colorfully Dripping Paintings

Glasgow Towers Art Print by Cheism - rainbow color architecture drawing

City Towers-Glasgow, Edinburgh & Berlin on the Behance Network- Chetan Kumar- drawing the town using different coloured pens Color?

I think the angles created by light and dark are very striking because they create a strong sense of perspective and dimension whilst stripping away all colour. The light/dark takes away from the actual shape of the room and creates a new, unusual one.

Shapes & Symmetry Photos on Instagram

Interior of the Iglesia del Corazón de Jesús Peter Zumthor c. the link to check out great fidgets and sensory toys. Check back often for sales and new items. Happy Hands make Happy People

A way to re-create landmarks

This image has the title 'NYC' for obvious reasons. I love the newspaper print background in a salmon pink colour with the blood red skyline image. This is a image created digitally.