London's Natural History Museum -

Columns in the Natural History Museum of London. It was built from by Alfred Waterhouse after the original designer Francis Fowke died. As can be seen from these columns, Waterhouse added his own Romanesque touches.

SUBJECT MATTER: Honeycomb, bees, muted colors, life, texture, pattern, shape, repetition, geometric

Honeycomb in neutral colours. It is a natural pattern or texture. Geometric repetition from nature.

Milan Design Week: Get Into the Best Villas in Lago Como

A modern, textured wall tile is the focal point of this contemporary neutral bathroom. Add a Decorpro Pure wall sconce to create some drama. Shown: Textured wall tile.

Center for British Art and Studies, Yale University - Louis Kahn, Architect

My favorite portion of this architectural design. I took more photos of the stair structure than I did of the art. Louis Kahn, Yale Center for British Art

Handmade tiles can be colour coordinated and customized re. shape, texture, pattern, etc. by ceramic design studios

Ethnic prints take center stage - Ethnique chic printempière

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Wall Archives - leManoosh

Graphic design are available everywhere on the planet. Just make certain the design is user-friendly so the user doesn't have to shell out an excessive amount of time trying to find the necessary information.

Gallery of The Interlace / OMA / Ole Scheeren - 8

Gallery of The Interlace / OMA / Ole Scheeren - 8

The Interlace, a vertical village in Singapore, is a residential development, designed by OMA/Buro Ole Scheeren, which has introduced a radically new approach to contemporary living in a tropical environment. It is one of the most ambitious residential