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Young, pretty & broke: are twenty somethings financially challenged?

The landscape of work is changing all the time, are the 20 somethings disadvantaged for being born too late?

Give your career a well needed confidence boost!

If you make a habit of hanging around older relatives — or your friend who fancies themselves a bit of a historian — then you're probably already familiar with hilarious old-fashioned slang words. These are the terms that "tickle your funny bone" and

So you’ve got a job interview! When is the polite time to discuss salary?

So you’ve got a job interview! When is the polite time to discuss salary?

I Just Want To Be a Writer!

I Just Want To Be a Writer!

Holiday like a travel agent: be savvy & steal the industry secrets.

Time to ask the human questions we wonder but don't really know. From fantasies of exes, to social nudity, to pretending we're poor. Let's finally find out!

Dear Carrie: Remembering an Icon

Dear Carrie Fisher, I just wanted to say thank you for everything you’ve given me over the course of your life. When you fell ill last week, my heart sank.

Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life - What I loved and what I would have changed

This article discusses the Netflix show Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life, and contains spoilers. It will also make little sense to those who haven’t seen they show.

Merry Christmas from thisonesmartgirl

Just a short one today to wish you a very merry Christmas! I’m writing this a week in advance so I can spend my Christmas Eve celebrating. If you are reading this, know I have eaten chocolate…

Gender Pay Gap: What Does It Mean To Us?

The gender pay gap: what does it really mean to us?

Ethical Christmas

We are feeling the Christmas spirit here at HQ and are so excited for the last couple of days of festive deals For day 10 we are giving you off everything with code

Cashing in on Your Commute

a bichon frise dog wears her red bandana and goggles as she drives her hot rod pedal car around town