giant sponge cut from foam mattress

This is the time of year I bring out the Giant Sponge. What is a giant sponge? It is a piece of foam cut from a foam mattress to fit into .

Outdoor loom

I've been looking for an idea on how to do this and here it is! Weaving in the garden. Jennifer Kable via Jeanette Corriell onto kids' nature play

On-going weaving project in mesh shelves

On-going weaving project in mesh shelves, could be a great collaborative piece for the atelier, suitable for all ages and something to revisit for all families.

wet-on-wet watercolor painting - stockmar

Painting Wet on Wet {Kids Painting}This is a technique taught in Waldorf schools and loved by homeschoolers. You can easily model this technique for young children and use finished projects for cards and gifts.View This Tutorial


Play At Home Mom LLC: For the "dumpers". Love the set up w available craft supplies

DIY lacing board

DIY Lacing Board I still had some peg board left over from several past projects, so I opened the tool box to see if anything inspired me. I ended up making a lacing board.

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