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This Hamptons Getaway Is Designed for Outdoor Living

Entrance hall, clean bright and light... this side of the house although south facing is shaded by a lot of trees and therefore would benefit from being light!

Victorian Home Renovation

Transitional Spaces To improve traffic flow in the narrow Victorian home, passageways were widened, allowing a see-through view of the main level. Natural light now fluidly flows throughout the space

Stair baskets are a great organizing tool - throughout the day place things that need to go upstairs in the stair basket - save yourself a few trips up and down

Show Your Stripes

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This is nice husband. You next project maybe?? Of course I'll wait until you have finished the kitchen, dining room and living room.

How to decorate a hallway


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Classic but beautiful - a Victorian terraced house's hallway.  Plenty of these found all across the UK!

Classic and beautiful: a Victorian terraced house hallway. Soft greys and natural stained flooring.

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