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Tulip inspired prints, original art and cards by Plant Based Paintings
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Tulip paintings
two paintings made one year apart. smaller pink one is work in progress. For bold bright planty art check out my website below :)
a painting of pink flowers with green leaves on a black background, painted in acrylic paint
Tulips, part of my tulip festival series. With a black background, these are meant to evoke the hope that comes from spring after a long winter. I love the detail in the middle of these tulips and hope I have captured the energy of them!
The day I completed my collection of tulip acrylic paintings
I set myself a challenge to paint this massive collection of tulips and I am so pleased with the results! I didn't know less than six months later the big double tulip would be part of a print giveaway with good housekeeping magazine! eeeep! So exciting 😆 Love to see what happens next...to follow my journey head to www.plantbasedpaintings.com
Lage tulip originals on canvas. Acrylic paintings
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