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Strange Beams Of Light Captured in August 2015- In Italy, Mexico, the US and around the world! What are they?

"I inquired to sheriff Allen as to what those strange beams of light coming out of the sky were, he replied that Pink Floyd was putting on a 'Laser Space Show'. Will require further investigation.


Wwii, Planes

Interesting optical illusion no? Maybe talking about the phrase, "till death do us part". Or the idea that love goes beyond death.

Skull Illusion Artwork by Tom French. Born in Tom French grew up in Newcastle Upon Tyne, North East England. Tom began his studies at the Newcastle School of Art and Design and went on to graduate from the Sheffield… Continue Reading →

After McDonalds came to Africa.

After McDonalds came to Africa. I dont know if I like this or not, cos giraffes are my favourite animals and I dont like seeing them in this state, but at the same time its cute in a weird way.