50 things to put in a sand and water table. #kindergarten #preschool #sensory

50 Fun things to put in sand and water tables. A little guy plays with dried corn in a sand and water table

water play area. Beautiful! I like this so much more than a plastic water table!

A Water and Sand Play Area at the sides, with a rocky waterflow, funnels and hose and lots of Marbles! Design by ArtBeast Gallery — ArtBeast Studio

Matching pairs hide and seek sensory tub game for toddlers! from @Anna Totten @ The Imagination Tree

Toddler Play: Matching Pairs Hide and Seek Game

SAND AND WATER TABLES. For children to wash babies and to wash and hang clothes. Clothes drip dry into the basin.

not a very attractive water tray - but the idea is good. Washing line over the water tray - by Tom Bedard (",) jan waterplay

"GIANT SPONGE - NEW AXIOM" Sand & Water Tables.  "What is a giant sponge?  It is a piece of foam cut from a foam mattress to fit into the sensory table ... Because the children can make impressions on the sponge, they can also use the utensils provided to make imprints ... This year for the first time the children started to use the surface of the Giant Sponge to draw things with their fingers." Originally Pinned by Alec Duncan of http://childsplaymusic.com.au/

This is the time of year I bring out the Giant Sponge. What is a giant sponge? It is a piece of foam cut from a foam mattress to fit into .

Top 10 Popular Posts of 2012 - There are lots of neat ideas on here like a DIY light table and sandy play dough, but I love the tubes of water idea for a water table

Create funnels and tubes in the water bin. Use colored water so students can see it going through the tubes.

Sand and Water Table - consider a cover over the sand table which has holes so that the children must reach through to scoop sand. The second level of branches, or a plywood layer above with circular holes ( as the pinterest site shows) adds a new dimension to the play experience.

Sand and Water Table idea for the yard and all our fallen branches and fake bugs

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