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Unicorn jigsaw puzzle Play, Puzzles, Jigsaw
Piece together the unicorn face
Are unicorns real? They are in this puzzle! Piece together this 48 piece Unicorn Magic jigsaw time and time again to find a happy unicorn dancing under a rainbow.
48 piece unicorn magic jigsaw puzzle for kids Puzzles For Kids
A half complete jigsaw puzzle of a unicorn on a table Recycling, Toys, Puzzle Board, Puzzle Shop
48 piece unicorn jigsaw puzzle for kids, handmade in Britain
Are unicorns real? They are in this jigsaw puzzle for kids. Featuring a happy unicorn background surrounded by magic, this jigsaw puzzle board is made up of 48 pieces - perfect for children aged 4, 5 and 6. Looking for eco friendly toys for kids? All of our puzzles are handmade in Britain with vegan inks, chlorine-free paper and recycled board, making them very kind to the planet. Visit our website for more unique jigsaw puzzle designs for boys and girls.
My first order
Boxing up my first order and off to the Post Offie 🦄 Unicorn Magic is made up of 48 pieces, making it the perfect unicorn gift for 4-6 year olds. Completing a jigsaw is fun, but it’s also great for development in children. Critical thinking, problem solving and increased concentration are just some mental benefits, accompanying the physical development of fine motor skills.