Bryce Wymer  This drawing has a nice feeling of texture, especially in the background. The lines help add space. The composition leads the viewer's eyes through the drawing starting at the cup in the front leading towards the palette farther back. The cup in the foreground helps separate the space and give even more depth.

Bryce Wymer - Bryce Wymer's personal works address human social progression and the driving relation between the powerful and the powerless.

Paul Heaston: Drawing in the car in Denver, Colorado              This drawing was done in car, in a parking lot looking out through the windshield. Parts of the car are visible while also being able to look out into the distance. The composition is of this is interesting in the it shows both the inside and outside of the car and gives the whole drawing a good sense of depth

A three-part sketch completed between February and March 2014 (at several locations). Staedtler Pigment Liner and Micron in pocket Moleskine sketchbook.

Lucinda Rogers  This is a drawing of machinery in some sort of workshop. The artist uses thicker and thin lines to denote form and shadow. The only time texture is brought it is around a waste bin, which creates a unique sense of texture and dirt.

lucinda rogers drawing ink black and white princelet street printers spitalfields workshop london city life

Pat Perry |  This drawing was done in the back of a car, including both the driver and artist's figures. The artist's legs are visible along with the driver. The perspective bends in fish eye way. What attracted me to this drawing was the inclusion of the artist's legs and a bit of the sketchbook within the composition.

Pat Perry: New Sketchbook Works + Print Releases

Lucinda Rogers - London - Spitalfields  This drawing of the London skyline is detailed and interesting. The way the space recedes makes it look as if you can see the curve of the earth. The use of color to highlight certain areas of the drawing is also interesting and breaks up the pictorial plan. There also is a slight gradient in the sky that simulates a sunset or a sunrise.

lucinda rogers drawing ink watercolour prints for sale london cityscape rooftops east end spitalfields christ church chimney crane

Lucinda Rogers - New York  This drawing of a bus stop has very interesting warped perspective. The space is interesting and feels spacious and airy. there is an interesting sense of depth. This piece is linework, but I would be interested to see what would happen if texture was applied.

lucinda rogers ground zero ink line drawing september 11 new york city saint pauls chapel broadway

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