Apartment Amenities

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Great Courtyard or patio for apartment community! #PMAMM #Apartments

Contemporary garden living dining area - The Vale Garden in London by Randle Siddeley Landscape Architecture Design - Modern Patio

Mop rack = Spice rack

Love this idea. Now I just have to find a cabinet door that will hold my spice collection! Forget the spice rack! Use a mop holder to store spices on the inside of a cabinet door. (no more searching through the deep cupboard for that one spice!

6 Amenities You Really Should Have

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This would be awesome to have at an apartment community!

Bright cushions, planters and lights make this area fun and festive and gives good examples of ideas you can incorporate into your own deck or backyard! This small deck with spa would be a great place to spend evenings enjoying the outdoors.

Twine, a WiFi-enabled, handheld, soap-size block that uses internal/ external sensors (temperature, vibration, moisture, etc.) and a no-programming-required Web app to let random stuff around your apartment send out texts, emails, and Tweets, simply by attaching it and inputting basic rules. Sick alert system

Giving your stuff the power of speech

Twine : Listen to your world, talk to the Internet A Technology project in Cambridge, MA by Supermechanical

This library for residents is a great way to stand

This library for residents is a great way to stand out in Houston!

What amenities do you look for in an #apartment?  See if you favorites made the list of the most sought after amenities. #apartment #apartments #renter #blog

Most Sought After Amenities

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Has Internet Speed Ever Influenced Your Home or Rental Search? Infographic

Has Internet Speed Ever Influenced Your Home or Rental Search?

Every ISP touts the blazing speed of their network, and it's nice to have a fast Internet connection, whether it's at home or on the go

Upgrade a Wall Outlet to USB Functionality - You can get one at Lowe's or Home Depot for $15.

How To: Upgrade a Wall Outlet to USB Functionality

Recharge your mobile devices with ease thanks to this clever USB wall outlet with two built in USB ports. Now you can throw out all those bulky USB power adapters. This USB Wall Outlet is a great gift for the workplace or home office.