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an attic bedroom with white furniture and open shelves on the wall, along with hardwood flooring
Dachboden Regal (443×590)
an info sheet describing the different types of boats in the ocean and how they are used
What do I Need to Paint a Room in One Day
There are several things you need, both from equipment and techniques point of view. Empty the room from any pictures, mirrors and ideally furnitures. The big and heavy ones can stay inside the room, just move them to the middle so you can maximise the ease you can access the walls. Put a canvas drop cloths on the floor and polythene dust sheets on remaining furnitures to protect it against damage from any paint spill.
a yellow and black poster with the words how plastering is done on it
Plastering Used to Terrify me, Now The Results Are Stunning
I remember the first time I have done plaster. It was a disaster. A friend of mine had a rough concept of it and was 100% sure it dries extremely quickly. Hence, we have decided we should make it runny. Very runny… The rest is a history, but you can trust me that nothing hurts like plaster mix inside of your eye. Since that time we have accomplished hundreds of projects and we have become incomparably better. You can trust me on this one too 😉
a green poster with red and blue lines on it's sides, including the words flying in a small bathroom
Tiling is Easy, Learn These Simple Tips to do it Like a Pro
Tiling a bathroom is one of these very intimidating tasks for majority of people. Frankly speaking I can totally understand it. It is not one of these things you can just jump right into and do it yourself. Although it is not a rocket science you usually need to do a little bit of research. On the other hand, once you have done your due diligence you should be able to accomplish this task. Especially if you are not a rookie DIYer and you have already done few things around your house.
an info poster showing different types of clouds
Do you Need to Wash the Walls Before Painting
As with everything, before painting the room you need to do some preparation. And as with everything there are some popular fairy tales that you can hear and find online related to that process. Let’s say it loud and clear to end the discussion once and for all: you do not need to wash the walls before painting. It’s a myth and most likely just another way of selling you some additional products, which you really don’t need if you trying to stay on a budget and are simply not needed.
an info poster showing different types of boats
Carpentry is The Best Skill I Have Learnt so Far, Here’s Why
Don’t know about you, but working with wood was always something very appealing to me. I could appreciate all those beautiful things made of wood. With the course of years I've learnt a lot about woodworking and carpentry. Just think about all those possibilities: constructions, furniture, decor, flooring and much more. As a matter of fact these skills will help you to understand the whole DIY and building process in much greater details. Besides, it’s good for your mental and physical health.
an advertisement with different types of lighting fixtures
Ceiling Light Fixtures Installation, The Ultimate Guide
Lighting fixtures are funny things. Although all of us, without exceptions, are using them on a daily basis, hardly anyone can explain how it all works. And not even that. Can you name all the light fixtures? Exactly! Good news, there are only three main types: general lighting, task lighting and accent lighting. Bad news? That was the easy part. But feel no fear, this post will help you to identify every light source in your house, but also how to install ceiling light fixtures.
an info sheet describing how to fix the pipes in your home or office area, and what they are doing
How to fit Kitchen Cabinets Around the Pipes
One of the very frequent question we seem to come across online is whether to do plumbing behind or through kitchen cabinets. Honestly speaking I find quite difficult to imagine the reason why would you run pipes through kitchen cabinets, unless you have to redo the plumbing after your new kitchen has been installed. However, it is perfectly normal to have piping inside the cabinets. But please bear in mind that not all kitchen cabinets have enough of a service gap behind.
the instructions for how to choose right bathroom fixtures and what to use them in your home
Bathroom Fixtures Assembly Made Easy, Install it all Like a Pro
Bathroom is usually one of the smallest if not the smallest room of the entire house. At least in most of the UK households. And also usually least seen by visitors. But its importance is absolutely inversely proportional to its size or visitors exposure. I believe no one needs to be convinced about that. Hence, this is the room we should take a special care of.
a shelf with some flowers and rain boots hanging from it's sides on the side of a brick building
Practical Shoes Rack Design Ideas for Small Homes