Eleanor Tomlinson is Demelza

English actress takes on fiery role: the wife of Captain Poldark
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Bid for this Eleanor Tomlinson doodle for Epilepsy Action’s National Doodle Day starting 22 Sept. https://doodle-day.epilepsy.org.uk/2017-celebrity-doodles/eleanor-tomlinson-2017/
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A Poldarked exclusive: ‪Eleanor Tomlinson at Festival de Télévision de Monte-Carlo
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Demelza from BBC Trailer 2016
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#EleanorTomlinson at #Wimbledon with Douglas Booth #LovingVincent #Poldark #PoldarkPBS
EleanorTomlinson as Demelza Poldark PoldarkPBSvia GIPHY
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Filming #Poldark 2014 #EleanorTomlinson #Poldark #PoldarkPBS Pics by CP Antrobus http://www.poldarked.com/2015/05/pictures-from-filming-poldark-at.html …
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Happy Birthday to Eleanor Tomlinson, ‪#‎Poldark‬'s lovely Demelza! ‪#‎EleanorTomlinson‬ http://www.poldarked.com/…/happy-birthday-eleanor-tomlinson… Photo: The Times
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Ross and Demelza #Poldark #AidanTurner #EleanorTomlinson
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‪#‎EleanorTomlinson‬ ‪#‎Poldark‬ ‪#‎PoldarkPBS‬
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Eleanor Tomlinson arriving at the Baftas 2015. Photo BBC One
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Ross and Demelza #Poldark #AidanTurner #EleanorTomlinson Photo FarFarAway
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#EleanorTomlinson #Demelza #Poldark Photo FarFarAway
a man and woman standing next to each other on a hill near the ocean,
Ross and Demelza #AidanTurner #EleanorTomlinson
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Thanks to farfarawaysite for this #bts pic of Eleanor Tomlinson
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Photos by Dragutin Cirkovic http://www.celebs-photos.com/Eleanor-Tomlinson-poldark-season-1-