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a group of people standing next to each other in front of some trees and bushes
PowerofPoldark FanAc (@PowerofPoldark) on X
Via Poldark @PowerOfPoldark #PoldarkPast #RobinEllis #dashing #WinstonGraham #Cornwall
an old photo of people standing on the side of a hill with a building in the background
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Via Mr Me @doitrightdog @PowerOfPoldark @poldarkrooms @mammothscreen Old faded photo I found of film crew on Poldark in 1975. FANTASTIC!
two people standing next to each other near the ocean and one is wearing a hat
Poldarkrooms on X
Via Poldarkrooms @poldarkroomsv- #ThrowbackThursday #Poldark1975 #Poldark @RobinPoldark #JillTownsend
an old black and white photo of three men standing next to each other with one looking at the camera
MeredithWheeler (@MeredithWheeler) on X
an old black and white photo of three people sitting on a couch with one man in the background
Author Winston Graham on the Poldark set by RobinEllisActor, via Flickr
two people dressed in costumes standing next to each other on the street, one man is wearing a cape and the other has long curly hair
Demelza and Ross
black and white photograph of a man with long hair holding something in his right hand
With Nicola Pagett
The 60s Rock 'n Roll look! by RobinEllisActor, via Flickr
an old black and white photo of a man
Ross Poldark of the BBC series, Poldark, which was based on the Poldark books by Winston Graham.
the cover of radio times magazine shows two women riding a horse and one man in period clothing
The Poldark Saga it still sends a chill down my spine when the credits roll and that music and the crashing of the waves, What you haven't seen it get it now on DVD .
the actors are posing for a photo in their period clothes and fur coats, with one woman wearing a white scarf around her neck
Aidan Turner's Ross is reunited with Heida Reed's Elizabeth on Poldark
Who need's Colin Firth? Robin Ellis, here with Angharad Rees, was the original Mr Darcy when he played the Ross back in 1975 — via The Daily Mail
an old cemetery with tombstones in the grass
Poldark Lives On At St Winnow Cornwall
St Winnow church, Cornwall, England - the place where some of the Poldark series was set, based on the books by Winston Graham.
yellow flowers are in front of an old brick building with a chimney on the side
Wheal Peevor
Wheal Peevor, Cornwall, usually tin mines. (Poldark)
a man standing on top of a rocky cliff
Poldark on the cliffs of Cornwall
Poldark on the cliffs of Cornwall by RobinEllisActor, via Flickr
a woman wearing a hat sitting on a swing
Review: Poldark - Series 1 (1975)
Caroline Penvenen on a swing. Poldark - Series 1