Vignette of old tools from Red Velvet Visual Anthologies;

What to do with all your vintage tools? Arrange and hang them artfully on wood panels for a distinctive, one-of-a-kind piece of art that speaks to your passion for DIY. - again would be great to store and display my father in law's old tools~

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Michael Craig- Martin

Michael Craig- Martin: such a jumble of everyday objects, so neatly organised and categorized, with the headphones forming a kind of frame. Tiny ladder and toilet next to out sized spade and torch

Similarities and differences. Michael Craig-Martin.

I like the simplicity of this piece by Michael Craig Martin. The contrast in the major colours and the use of lines.

Michael Craig-Martin: Transience | Serpentine Galleries. Michael Craig-Martin; Untitled (headphones medium), 2014; Acrylic on aluminium; © Michael-Craig Martin; Courtesy of Gagosian Gallery; Photo: Mike Bruce

Michael Craig-Martin - Despite how simplistic the design of this graphic drawing is I quite like the small details of the headphones along with the use of the bright colours also helps draw your attention to the small details.

Michael Craig-Martin, 'Sharpener,' 2002, Gagosian Gallery

From Gagosian, Michael Craig-Martin, Sharpener Acrylic on Canvas, 114 × 68 in

Michael Craig-Martin, Print, Illustration

Michael Craig-Martin - Eye of the Storm 2003 (Arrangements question) I'll put these bright colours on my windows and doorways pictures which i have layered like this picture has been layered with different objects.

Michael Craig-Martin, Objects of our time, 'Memory Stick', 2014.

Michael Craig-Martin, Objects of our time, 'Memory Stick', As technology advances, so MCM's work encapsulates that. This doies remind me of Magritte's pipe - 'Ceci pas une pipe.

Michael Craig-Martin: a cool, clean and colourful riot of everyday objects.

Michael Craig-Martin: a cool, clean and colourful riot of everyday objects

From the Michael Craig-Martin exhibition at the Serpentine Gallery

This winter, the Serpentine presented an exhibition by Michael Craig-Martin, one of the best-known British artists of his generation. This was the first solo show of Craig-Martin’s work in a London