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‘Nulli Secundus’ (1964) by Hans Hofmann

Hans Hofmann was a German-born American abstract expressionist painter. Hofmann's art work is distinguished by a rigorous concern with pictorial structure, spatial illusion, and color relationships

Rothko in his Studio, New York, 1964  by Alexander Liberman

Famous Artist's Studios - Mark Rothko Photographed in his New York studio 1964 by Alexander Liberman.

Rauschenberg, Canyon (1959)  •	“neo-dada”- assembles detritus of the everyday  •	uses printed imagery  •	bald eagle- illegal to own  •	was a gift. Can’t resell-illegal. Given as donation, tax must be paid.  •	“you have to have time to feel sorry for yourself if you’re gonna be a good abstract expressionism."  •	“you have to work in the undefined space between art and life”

Canyon "An artists job is to be a witness to his time in history. Saw this in NYC & first saw his work at the Whitechapel in the mid- sixties. Major influence on an Art student at Goldsmiths.