SNUG AS A BUG    At the end of a long day, all you want to do is snuggle up in your sleeping bag. So imagine how much more cosy it will feel being wrapped up in a patchwork quilt. You’ll be snoring within minutes, hopefully not too loudly. It’s not like you can pop to the spare room if your partner’s impersonating a grizzly bear.       Size: L 355cm(11'8") x W 170cm(5'7") x H 140cm(4'7")(sleeps two people comfortably)    $766.71

FieldCandy patchwork quilt tent, so cute, could theme it to kids rooms etc

Como hacer tu propio bolso en patchwork

Como hacer un bolso en patchwork

Patron patchwork "9 Months 'Til Baby" by Katie Kennagir (from Robert Kaufman Fabrics)

9 Months Til Baby - Little Star Pattern Thank you to Robert Kaufman, for special permission to publish these fabulous patterns. 9 Months Til Baby - Little Star

cute colours love the black and white backing

Backing is the same fabric I used for Fidget's bed set - looks awesome with those colored fabrics! I have to remember this fabric combo.