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Art and creativity have an important role to play in improving the health and well-being of individuals. Sewing is my therapy. This board showcases a selection…
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a close up of a piece of fabric with the word stitched on it
Have You Ever Embroidered your Handwriting?
Have You Ever Embroidered your Handwriting? –
a close up of a embroidery with the words wonder, wonder and wonder written on it
How to Embroider Letters by Hand {Part 1} - Wandering Threads Embroidery
If you want to add a personal touch to your projects, learning how to embroider letters is a great skill to have. There are countless possibilities for adding lettering to all your sewing and craft projects. Maybe you want to make a personal label for a quilt, add your favorite quote to an embroidery piece, monogram cloth napkins, or even stitch a funny little saying on a piece of clothing. Well, guess what? Once you learn the basics, embroidering letters is really easy! Font Choice Ho..
an image of different types of stitchs
Ombre Embroidery Sampler Tutorial
Ombre Sampler Guide by needle&cloth
three different embroidered letters with the words how to embroider letters on them and below
How to Embroider Letters by Hand - Cutesy Crafts
How to Embroider Letters by Hand - Step-by-Step video tutorials and free patterns!
two green leaves sitting on top of a piece of fabric next to each other,
Blanket stitch leaves - part one
Anna Scott : Blanket stitch leaves - part one
a cross stitch pattern with the words that weekend was in tents and a campfire
Camping trips - do you love or loathe them? I think all holidays spent under canvas are a mixture of pleasure and pain. Personally I love sitting around a campfire and getting lost in nature. This is a camping themed hoop I created a few weeks ago. Hope you like it ♡
an embroidery pattern with orange and yellow leaves
Create an Autumn embroidery hoop using fishbone stitch
a close up of a embroidery with the word love written in cursive writing
We could all do with a bit more love in the world at the moment. If you're looking for a super simple embroidery pattern, download my free "love is all you need" PDF. Head over to my blog to find out more
a blue and white checkered table cloth with a wooden frame on it that has an embroidered circle in the middle
At the Back
How to finish off the back of an Embroidery Hoop - tutorial
three different colored stitchs are on a piece of fabric with the words ribbed web stitch
Over the past month I have been trying to learn ribbed web and lazy daisy embroidery stitches ribbed web stitch is a mix between sewing and weaving and it creates a striking web effect on the fabric. In between the web stitch I also attempted the lazy daisy stitch. I found it hard to keep the 'petals' even, but I'm sure that's just down to practice.
four different pictures with the words crafting is my therapy
October's Crafting is my Therapy is now live Have you created anything crafty this month? Sewing, knitting, crochet, painting or pottery…please join in and share your blog posts. The focus of this linky is crafting for pleasure, basically taking some ‘me-time’ to unwind in our busy lives. It doesn’t have to be a finished project, we love seeing work in progress, planning posts or tutorials too.
three different types of stitchs are shown together
7 days of stitches: herringbone stitch
step by step instructions on how to make an origami bow
Lazy Daisy Stitch - How Did You Make This? | Luxe DIY
Lazy daisies are made from individual chain stitches arranged in a circle. 1. Stitch up at A. 2. Stitch back down at A. Do not pull the thread all the way through. 3. Stitch up at B, just above A. Pass the needle through the thread loop. 4. Stitch down at C, holding the loop of thread in place. 5. The finished petal looks like this. 6. Make more stitches in a circle.
some pink and yellow flowers on a white cloth
20 Beautiful Hand Embroidery Designs – Easyday
20 Beautiful Hand Embroidery Designs | Easyday
a crocheted blue and white blanket hanging on a clothes line with a tree in the foreground
sky scarf
Conceptual Knitting... The idea here is that you knit a row every day in the color the sky is that day, for a year... A scarf and a journal at the same time!